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Brilliant Ventures Asia Limited (BVAL) is a private Hong Kong based mineral exploration company whose main area of interest is in The Republic of Congo (“ROC”).

BVAL’s holding company, Man Fai Tai Holdings, has extensive interests in the logging industry in ROC, owns a substantial amount of earth moving equipment within the country and constructed most of the existing logging roads in the southwest region of ROC over the past 25 years of logging operations.

As a result, the company has a very mature understanding of the local infrastructure and has established significant relationships with the local people and government authorities. The Chairman of Brilliant Ventures Asia Limited, Mr. Patrick Shu Fai To, was appointed as the honorary consul of The Republic of Congo (Hong Kong) in 1996. This experience gives BVAL a very distinct advantage amongst other exploration companies.

Minister of Mines, Mineral Industries, & Geology: Mr. Pierre Oba and General Director of Mining Ministry: Mr. Louis Marie Djama meeting Mr. Patrick TO and the BVAL team in Hong Kong
The President of Republic of Congo Mr. Denis SASSOU-Nguesso, Mr. Patrick TO and Mr. Li Yu Dong(Director of SICOFOR, Republic of Congo)

BVAL is focused on exploration for iron, gold, base-metals (copper, lead, zinc), uranium and diamonds in the Chaillu Massif in the Southwest part of the ROC. For the past 4 years of exploration, all activities were solely funded by BVAL and Mr. Patrick Shu Fai To.

Currently, BVAL is the sole owner, through its locally registered subsidiary companies, of 12 exploration permits covering more than 10,000km2 of highly prospective Archaean and Proterozoic terrain in which known mineral resources includes iron, gold, base-metals, uranium and diamonds.

In 2010, Brilliant Ventures Asia Limited appointed Behre Dolbear International Ltd (UK) as the company’s primary technical advisor to help BVAL to explore and evaluate highly prospective mineral projects.
BVAL also commissioned New Resolution Geophysics (South Africa) to carry out a major airborne geophysical survey over all its mineral tenements. The geophysical data have been monitored and interpreted by Behre Dolbear and Reid Geophysics (UK). The geophysical survey was highly successful and ongoing interpretation of the geophysical data has identified extensive magnetic and radiometric anomalies indicative of iron-ore deposits, copper-uranium deposits and possible kimberlite / lamproite pipe-like intrusions.

BVAL is currently expanding its exploration capability by establishing new field camps, clearing new access roads, purchasing of its own drilling rigs and recruitment of additional exploration specialists.